Darin Tucker

Darin is one of Peak Physical Therapy’s founders.  He is a native Idahoan, born in Rupert and raised in Twin Falls.  Darin has an extensive background earning degrees in Athletic Training and Exercise Physiology as well as a physical therapist assistant while obtaining certifications in Strength and Conditioning as well as in Massage Therapy.  In addition to working with patients, he has worked with a wide variety of athletes ranging from recreation to professionals.

Darin is married with three children who all love the outdoors. As a founder of Peak Physical Therapy and as a practioner, Darin feels that physical therapy isn’t just about getting someone out of pain; it is about getting them back “into life and activity.”  It’s about developing a strong friendship with the patient so that a high level of personalized care can be provided.  It is very important to him that EVERY patient be treated with exceptional care and service.

“Physical Therapy should be FUN!  It is about GETTING BACK the abilities or lifestyles that we lost due to pain…that is exciting!  I want my patients to have an excellent experience that they will miss when they are done.”

As the founder he wants to develop an organization that is centered around getting the best results for its patients and then help to protect that result.

“If we do our job correctly, patients shouldn’t have to seek medical help more than once for their condition.   If we fully address the problem, the reason for the pain, patients shouldn’t have issues in the future. We can actually suppress future healthcare costs by preventing reoccurrence.”