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Our Mission

Our Mission

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At Orofino Physical Therapy our mission is to restore every patient to a maximum level of health and function so that they not only can enjoy a very active lifestyle, but can also avoid future re-injury. We also passionately believe that patient’s should have a great experience! Physical therapy should be fun and educational. Our patient’s come in as strangers and leave friends!

You can choose your provider

Whether you independently choose to attend physical therapy or if your physician recommends it, YOU CAN CHOOSE YOUR PHYSICAL THERAPY PROVIDER. All you have to do is tell your physician which physical therapy provider you wish to see. Ask them to refer you to Orofino Physical Therapy!

Do I need a Prescription?

Some insurances do require a doctors prescription (Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, etc), but some others do not. Simply call your insurance provider and ask them if a physician’s referral is required OR call us at 208-476-9365 and we will do it for you.