Headaches, like any pain, can quickly have a negative impact on your lifestyle. We spend much of our time chasing the symptoms of a headache because they make us feel so miserable. Headaches can have many causes, from vision, stress, ergonomics, posture, muscle imbalance, etc.

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When considering headaches, it is very important to consider the structure of the back and neck. If we have poor back and neck alignment or poor muscular balance then the head is directly affected. There are 3 primary sections of the back and between them all there are 24 vertebrae. When aligned properly they distribute stress evenly, but if there is poor alignment then the amount of stress at the head and neck can increasing our chances of headaches.

If we have poor posture (slouched or forward head), the amount of stress at our head increases; this is a very common occurrence for most of us work in a forward bent posture and over time this will take it’s toll on our bodies.

There are networks of nerves (and blood vessels) that run up the skull underneath the scalp that when compressed can cause headaches.

Brachial Plexus
The “Brachial Plexus” is a major branch of nerves that exits the neck and travels down the shoulder and arm to the hand. These nerves can become irritated at any level causing pain/numbness/tingling, etc. Even though these originate at the neck, symptoms can sometimes appear in the arm and hand. The nerves of the brachial plexus can become compressed by slouching and forward head postures.

Tight muscles can lead cause compression of the underlying blood vessels and nerves creating headaches.

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