Knee Arthritis

The question is not “if” but “when” we will be subject to knee arthritis. Our knee is made up of our upper thigh bone, the femur and the lower leg bone, the tibia. Each bone is covered in cartilage at the knee joint to portect it, acting as a shock absorber. “Arthr” is latin for inflammation and “itis” is latin for ” inflammation”.

Therefore “arthritis” translates directly to the inflammation of the body’s joints. This occurs when the cartilage around the ends of our bones becomes thin and begins to wear through. The analogy we like to give is to compare your knee to a car tire. The more miles that are driven, the more the rubber on the tires wear out.. just like our knees!

Because the cartilage produces a lubrication, it is very important that we stay active, even when we have arthritis. If we don’t our joints will not produce the nutrient needed to keep our remaining cartilage healthy, meaning our arthritis will get worse. For more information on knee pain and arthritis, contact one of our physical therapy clinics today!

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