Total Knee Arthroplasty

We have all heard of or know someone who has had a “Total Knee”; meaning that they have had their entire knee joint replaced with a prosthetic device (metal or plastic). Many individuals are hesitant about pursuing this surgery, because it is… surgery (which we all try to avoid) and they know little about it which causes even greater concern. But I want you to see it from this perspective: your knees are like tires on a car. When your car tires are worn out, you replace them so that you can drive freely and safely without concern… your knees are no different. When your knees “wear out” you simply need to replace them via this highly effective procedure, alleviating your pain and hence much improving your lifestyle.

When should I consider getting a “Total Knee”?

This is a very, very common question. Based on my professional perspective and personal opinion, the time to truly consider having your knee replaced is when:

  1. You have been diagnosed (via testing) that you have severe arthritis.
  2. Other methods (surgeries, mediations, etc) have been used to try to better your condition without success.

#3 is very important to contemplate. You need to understand that you are given 1 life; it is not how long you live, but how WELL you life, and we all want to life it to it fullest; therefore, don’t conform you lifestyle to your body….conform your body to meet your lifestyle needs. Total Knee replacements are highly successful, so to waste several years of your life on “waiting” until it is unbearable, in my opinion, is only wasting years of good living.

What does physical therapy consist of?

The ultimate goal of physical therapy is to get your knee fully functioning and you back into individualized lifestyle. It will consist of 4 phases

  1. Protection: Educating you on how to protect your knee after surgery.
  2. ROM: Restoring full range of motion (ROM) to your knee. There is a key sequence to this that will get you the greatest outcome.
  3. Strengthening: Strengthening, not only the knee, but the entire leg so that you fully protect the new knee in addition to giving you maximal use of it.
  4. Functional Integration: This phase is spent getting the individual fit for their exact lifestyle/recreational needs: this may be playing with grandchildren, taking walks, hiking, hunting, skiing, etc.

What type of outcome can I expect?

With the advancements in surgery and a good physical therapy program, you outcome should be nothing short of excellent! You should be PAIN FREE, have more motion, strength and function than you have had in years. So I ask you this question: If you have been diagnosed with severe arthritis and you have had other treatment options that haven’t worked… what are you waiting for? Don’t modify your lifestyle to accommodate your pain… modify your knee to accommodate our lifestyle…get it replaced.

If you would like more information regarding “Total Knee Replacements”, please contact one of our physical therapists and receive a Free Consultation: learn what you can do today to begin getting your life back.

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